Your Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Your double bevel sliding compound miter saw is really a useful device for just about any really serious carpenter or household craftsman. A DeWalt DW718XPS double bevel sliding compound miter saw handles the actual level and angle on the saw edge relative to the actual wood. This lets you make notches, grooves and angle slices. Each one of these are useful separately, and when blended can easily produce several really advanced home projects. Here are a few brief samples of things I've done recently.

The simplest way to make use of notches is to interlock pieces of solid wood. Careful use of notches on two by fours for instance, can turn them directly into self supporting racks. Simply cut down 4 parts of 2x4 to 30 inches long for example, after that make use of your double bevel sliding compound miter saw to make a notch of an inch through each side to allow a bit of plywood to slip in. Place 1 bit of 2x4 in every corner, and you have a really quick and easy to make shelf to store things within the workshop or garage. If you want to make higher shelving or multiple levels, just cut lengthier sections of 2x4, and notch at each height interval. For additional support, you are able to use wood epoxy before putting together the shelving. And natural wood is simple to sand, stain and paint to create a more refined and completed appearance if you want. This is a fantastic way to make kids furniture that is actually functional and won't take a lot of time or money.

Grooves are also beneficial. The actual advantage of a double bevel sliding compound miter saw here is, we can make a groove that is lengthier compared to length of the saw blade, by sliding it along as we cut. This is perfect if we wished to create something like an easy entertainment center, by having an open style front and a moving clear glass door. Rather than worrying about hinges and the like, just cut a channel groove along the top edge of the top and base parts, to permit the doorway to slip along in the track. A couple of swift cuts and some sanding allows the doorway to maneuver effortlessly, and provide an extremely enhanced look for our project.

Angle cuts are utilized in a variety of circumstances. Nearly every corner joint is improved upon through chopping the two parts at a forty-five degree angle to join them, be it on a trim piece around a doorway frame or joining the joints of a birdhouse. Angle cuts also help out a lot when building fencing and wooden patios, or redoing stairs.

I have done a number of jobs throughout the house since I bought my own DeWalt DW718XPS double bevel sliding compound miter saw, and i'm very satisfied with it. Two thumbs up without a doubt, it's much easier to make use of and more steady than the usual hand held saw.


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